Tuesday, May 14, 2013

taking a break
I have to say...my posts have been few and far between
Odin and I have been cranking out the schooling so I can get done when the other kiddos are done
so not much time for writing, reading books and taking pictures
this is how we roll lately
me teaching Language Arts
and Gabe is taking it all in...

Keep praying for Gabe to sleep...he is still getting up every hour and a half and loves the blanket smothered in his face to sleep
which makes this momma very nervous
loving this life right now
we are so blessed
thank you for following and for the prayers
I love you guys dearly
I will be back the first week of June ...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day to all those wonderful mommies out there
I am truly thankful for mine...
She is always there to lend a hand
whatever it may be
getting milk, eggs or butter
or last minute baking ingredients
sewing all of our knee holes until we can no longer wear the pants anymore
switching loads of laundry
serving breakfast, lunch and dinner
pouring milk
brushing hair or teeth
dropping things off at the post office
helping them get dressed or picking out clothes
picking up things on the counters and in the living room
and endless thing
helping me rearrange things in the house for a new look
rummaging with me and the kiddos
schooling Odin when I am gone
bringing them breakfast on Monday mornings
watching them for me when I have to run an errand
playing Uno with them
picking up the kiddos from school
giving baths
going to get us ice cream
dropping library books off
 the list can go on and on
We are truly thankful for your serving heart and your unconditional love

I am so thankful to be a mommy...it has always been a dream of mine
what a blessing and love God had in mind when He gifted me my children 
as the best work of faith I will probably ever do

Friday, May 10, 2013

6 months

this little man has only tried a few baby foods so far
he doesn't like rice cereal at all
oatmeal a no go
veggies were o k
and fruits were good
they just don't sit very good with his belly yet
he seems to want everything we eat though

so we will wait to try more
he is getting all he needs with his yummy soy formula!
He weighed in at 19lbs
and it seems that he has a large noggin

Everyone loves doing things by him
 I like that they still argue over him all the time
I wish that happened during the night now!

the kiddos dispise these bibs
they want him naked all the time
I told them I don't have enough clothes to be changing him every day because he is sopping wet from drool

 I cannot get enough of those juicy lips!
Odin says to me the other day through some tears....(he was schooling on the floor with Gabe) "our lives would be really different without Gabe,
God really blessed us by him mom"

Sorry I have been so hit or miss lately with this blog..
I have been busy with some appointments, rummaging, schooling and life
trying to catch a nap in there as well.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

all the kiddos got devotionals for Easter
Olivia had one already but the boys were sad that they didn't get one to do...
they are age appropriate and for boys or girls
they totally rock
they do these every day in the morning usually
 they are meant to be completed in a year and then you move onto the next one
you can get them at www.legacypresskids.com
They are called "God and Me"

 we have been busy getting this house ready for spring
getting out bikes and strollers and working on projects before summer
Thank you so much for all your prayers for Gabe
He has now slept 5 nights in a row and he is only get up 3 times a night
not bad for a 6 month old!
I feel like a new woman!
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