Tuesday, January 17, 2017

football and kids

Our little Seahawks fan all decked out. We are sad to say the Dolphins, Broncos, 49ers, Seahawks, and the Titans are out of the game but we are still cheering on the Steelers and the Packers!  Football is so fun and entertaining at our house. 

this little star is always in this position....

We did a ton of minute to win it games for Jeremiah's birthday.  They were soo much fun.  I was crying I was laughing so hard at some f these crazy stars God has blessed us with.
(sorry about the blurry pictures)

This was a hard one(opening a Hershey kiss with an oven mitt) but once they figured it out they got the hang of it.  

Cotton balls and good ole Vaseline.

the donut on the string was so awesomely funny..

every day we are in awe of this little star in our life.  Life would be so different if we would've said no because of the money. Prayers of  gratefulness that 6 awesome kids get to call me mom.   
Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Life these days

Some new things were working on this year
lingering longer with my children...because time is going too fast
making more time for my awesome handsome husband
being intentional about all things
reaching out and giving of ourselves more
reading more books than last year...our family loves to read 
(we tend to always lean toward the scary true stories or the really sad ones)
When I think about how undeserving I am of pretty much everything...I was reminded of how God sent Jesus for my weirdness, brokenness and just my messed upness in general.  I'm so thankful he shared Jesus with us all, but first with a bunch of messy misfits.  

Big, lovely, messy gracious hope!

Christmas Toy Shoppe at Salvation Army. 
 We love helping with this event and it's so much fun. 
Helping others is what it's all about!!

My dear Jonah got me this for Christmas..

this little star loves to sleep in this at night.  
love the tepee.

Odin bought a plush comforter with his lawn mowing money that was on clearance.  He also asked for a memory foam pillow and new flannel sheets for Christmas.  This little star is getting so big.  
So when I take a nap...I have to pull teeth to nap in his bed.  It's so comfortable.....

Jonah's new glasses

 We are back schooling and hanging out doing life.  
We are so grateful for this privilege of homeschooling.

Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy 9th Birthday Jeremiah Christian!

Can you feel the excitement?
One of my favorite pictures of the first  4
 4 kiddos in 5 years
3 in diapers
 was crazy fun. 
Ask Dave!!!
You were an easy baby from what I remember.

you  love to be outside
playing catch with a football, kickball, making forts, playing with Legos and action figures, and you love to help bake
You're an easy going kid.

you love helping others

you are so full of life, so loving and full of joy!

you are loud, crazy
and always smiling

a wee bit stubborn sometimes

you love swimming, camping,
riding your bike, reading  books
and any kind of adventure

when you tell a story...I have to grab a cup of coffee and sit down....it's always a long one.  
You're the best story teller!


Every meal he picked involved pork of some kind.  

This guy loves yahtzee and loves to play it every Monday with the seniors.  

He chose the cake and Odin did it all for him. 

Their cards are the best...

Thank you for all the cards and gifts.  We had a wonderful day!