Thursday, August 30, 2018

Her story..

Check out her amazing story!!!

My name is Lois Stillwell and this is my Thrive Experience.
 April '18
Ya'll, I look at that girl on the right and remember how unhappy she was. I don't have many full body photos of her because she was downright ashamed to even look in the mirror let alone take pictures. It was to the point where none of my clothes fit me and I just preferred elastic waist pants. I faked a smile in that picture because I attended a wedding.
Fast forward to today and I put the dress on to see the difference in just a few months of Thriving. The girl on the left is genuinely happy. I'm so much healthier although I have more work to do. For the first time in a long time, I look down and I see my feet not my stomach! I spend quality time with my kids. They have noticed a difference in their mama. I have been getting the best sleep I have ever gotten. This new version of myself is here to stay.
I am so thankful that my friend, Tiffany Salvia didn't give up on me because I was skeptical and said I can't afford it. Thank you Le-Vel for producing a product that actually works!
My life is forever changed and while I won't forget the girl on the right, I'm blessed to not be her anymore!

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Have a wonderful Thursday!!!

Monday, August 27, 2018

dadz kamp
For many years now Dave has taken the kids camping without me. The first time he did it many years ago when Odin and Jonah were just little tikes to give me a break and to spend time alone with them. It has now become a family yearly tradition. The kids call it "Dadz Kamp", I call it vacation! It's a great time for Dave to reconnect with the kids and spend some awesome time together. Every year the kids vote where to go and for the past 10 plus years they have decided on Green Lake Campground. It is an awesome family friendly campground near Green Lake WI. The kids love the pools, the pond, and the mini-golf. They have a 5 year running total of holes in one with Jonah in the lead followed closely by Odin. Lots of great memories over the years watching the kids grow up and spending time with their Dad. This was the first year that Dave took all of the kids and he survived! He was exhausted but alive when he came back. They eat a lot of ice cream, play a lot of mini-golf (free), and spend hours swimming. The annual hat photo is always fun too! 

Sunday, August 19, 2018


We were blessed with free tickets for Lifest.  What a blessing this was for Olivia and I.  We plan on doing this every year as a family now we had so much fun!  We are concert/music junkies.

Ton of our favorites..David Crowder, Toby Mac, Ryan Stevenson, Hawk Nelson, Third Day and much more.  Love the energy that happens in these 4 days!!

This girl loved the free art they offer.

Journaling every day

Let's just say hot summer rain is fun to run in.  

This girl loves getting real with musicians.  She can spot them a mile away.

Waiting in line for 2 hours to get good seats was seriously hot and insanely crazy.

Random Acts of kindness have always been our  love language...what a place to do them at.

Confession container..

Slime can go everywhere.

Ryan Stevenson you rock!

David Crowder..we love all the crazy instruments you play!

Can this be any sweeter..

What a perfect end to our evening.  

We had so much fun and were so blessed by the tickets.  We also did Passport to Purity the whole weekend.  A godly based guide for talking to your kids about adolescence and sex.  I highly recommend it.  The music is kind of cheesy but the information is spot on!

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