Monday, January 23, 2017

checking out

It was one of those weeks last week 
when your husbands gone for 4 days and your hanging on by a thread
kids are maybe half of my six pack
I've raised my voice more than I have in the past few months combined
served way to much ice cream and pizza and frozen junk
just because it's easy 
watched history with the inauguration
forgot to do spelling and devotions 3 days in a row 
sat on the couch a lot because Abraham just decided to cry a lot
didn't do anything on my list
cleaned up mess after mess after mess
I always feel like when you get crabby....there's somehow always more messes 
tears that tumbled
sleepless nights 
disciplined 2 little ones like crazy
I think they had it out for me
together...tag teaming
1 kid just kept it together the whole time helping me out when I'd stumble or when he saw I really needed it
always cleaning and picking up and lighting my candles for me
 some days us mommas have to throw in the towel
 You have these moments that are unbelievably beautiful because they make up motherhood.  
There are things that you do that no one sees.  

I always try to see the  person that the kids love 
 I didn't get any gold stars today..yet. 
love being their momma and homeschooling my little stars

thankful my husbands home...
have an awesome Monday!